Saturday, June 20, 2009

Thing 47

What a ride. I need to say I believe had I been successful in completing 23 Things on a Stick, the added things I explored would have been easier. I think this because I went back to 23 Things for help and reminders from time to time.

I enjoyed many aspects of this experience, and learned many important things. I always felt there just wasn't enough time but of course that was dependent upon how much time I set aside. I was often overwhelmed at the number of choices to look at and dig into, even just a little on the Things. Maybe fewer choices required, and more choices as a bonus would have been helpful for someone like me who needs lots of time to read, comprehend and then try and make things work. Perhaps a two tier offering would have been helpful. Honestly, some of us just don't pick up as quickly as others on all of the techno aspects of what we're doing. I know of participants who seemed to simply breeze through the things with little pain, and yet I spent hours trying to make one aspect work.

I almost think I preferred the blog format used with 23 Things to the Wikki format for More Things. I can specifically say why exactly, except that I am much more comfortable with the blog, since all my work was on the blog. I am a little experience with the Wikki, just not sure it was as user friendly.

Doing something that helps staff learn more hands on with tools such as MP3 players, ipods, and "equipment" related devices would be interesting. For some, and I know more than a few, just learning how to use their new cell phone (not a blackberry either) work and how to navigate the various functions could be a really helpful library offering. I asked a friend who just got a cell if she would consider using the library for some on-on-one assistance on how to learn about her phone, she said YES!

The library is a place where so much can be taught and learned, and we have so many youth today able to help. What a great small way of bridging the generational gap in such a helpful way. Again, I know many older people who would really just like to learn the basics on how to use a computer. My 80 year old Aunt was skyped by her son when he arrived in India, and learned all she knows from her grandson. I haven't even been skyped yet! So much potential . . . so much fun! Thanks you Multitypes for this offering. Looking forward to what might be next.

Thing 35

So many choices and options. Kind of overwhelming! It was eye opeing really, and has me wondering how someone really knows which thing is best for them. I chose BookTalk as a place to start. I will definetly spend more time looking into some of these things more deeply. I noticed that each thing, besides being targeted for a specific group or genre, also has a very unique and distinctive way of managing around the site. Some were almost too much, at least for me. I prefer simplicity, but discovered people who really want to know more about a book or series not only seek out information but also can have interesting things to share for potential readers. I also signed up for BookBrowse and find this thing more appealing. I am looking forward to using it.

I just finished reading a little known new book by a new author, and registered this book on BookCrossings. It will be interesting to see what, how, if anything happens with it. I had a little trouble navigating around in this thing, but enjoyed the chance to register a book and to make my comments about it. More than 20,000 book reviews, reader reviews, critic's reviews, book excerpts and more. More than 20,000 book reviews, reader reviews, critic's reviews, book excerpts and more.

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Thing 44

Wow!! This was one thing I didn't think would be of interest to me at all' considering the sad shape of our current economy. I was afraid it would just be to depressing. Yet, I discovered so many cool and helpful tools here!

Some were more applicable to me than others, but I found and bookmarked several that I will visit and explore in more detail. I happen to use bill pay through my bank service, but must go monthly to enter the amount I want/need to pay for each bill. So after some investigation I chose to enroll in the site to help keep me on track. Some times I get my bills, and may not log them for payment right away. Using this new site will help remind me whether or not I've scheduled a needed payment or not!! Since I'm getting older and more forgetful, this tool will be a great value to me.

Thing 42

Being a music lover this thing was really fun. I am a RealPlayer fan, and use it at work all the time. First thing I bring up each morning is my list of favorite stations, and then I make a choice based on my mood. I added the ShoutCast radio widget, and plan to spend more time checking this out.

I think the number of music choices is awesome, but I'm the kind of person who tends to find what works and stick with it. This thing gave me a chance to reconsider if there is another option better for me and to have the chance to check out what else is out there.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thing 29

I set up several google alerts and will monitor how useful this tool will be. I also use gmail as a source for mail and have now set it up to include incoming home mail for ease and access. I like to use gmail for most of my general email use, keeping home email more private and personal. This works well, and I like including gmail on my igoogle page. It is so convenient when I bring up my page each day to be able to check mail without having to read it, and in some cases, simply pull the menu down and delete email that is junk. I find it's functions practicle and useful.

I will have to follow up once I've been able to see how alerts work, and if they provide me with the information I'm seeking.